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Written by Andrew Thoma   
Friday, 22 April 2011 18:04
In the winter of 1989,while Colm O Sullivan,from Killarney, and I were on our way to a pool training night in Tralee,a journey we did most Wednesday nights to help out ,as we were both members of Tralee SAC at the time.I suggested to Colm that it was time to set up our own club as we had plenty of spectacular diving on our own doorstep in South Kerry.At first he was totally against the idea on the grounds of cost, mostly,but on the return journey he was warming to the idea.Soon after we had gathered a few more potential members and the ball was well and truly rolling.Those brave  founding members were Colm O Sullivan,Pat Westwell, the late, Dave Westwell,Seamus Galvin, Ot Vermollen,Mary O Sullivan,Ger O Sullivan( there's no shortage of sullivans in Kerry) . A second hand inflatable was bought at a good price although it turned out to be somewhat porous and required pumping at regular intervals ,however we did purchase a brand new Yamaha 40 hp which was a superb engine and never let us down.
A Constitution was put together ,contact was made with CFT,Colm O Shea from Limerick,was R.D.O. at the time , we went up to the CFT delegate meeting in Galway, I stood up and did the needful,listing as you do when applying for membership to CFT,all the new clubs diver qualifications  and equipment etc,a list which on both counts at that time was somewhat sparse.However we were accepted into the fold confirmed by the applause on our return to the conference hall and INBHEAR SCEINE ( Kerry)SAC was born.The name INBHEAR SCEINE Is the old name for Kenmare Bay,where the club first started diving,but as our membership and diving has expanded over the years the name of the the club is slowly evolving into The Kerry SAC,as I know that many people in the diving fraternity would also recognise.
Andrew Thoma
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